In 2004, it appeared Ralph Nader might again tip a presidential election to George Bush. John Pearce, Kathy Cramer, and a team of great progressive activists decided to try to stop that from happening.

The Flash Movie that started it all. The one-minute case, asking Nader not to run.

The national OpEd campaign that told millions of readers of the Ralph Don’t Run website.

The Meet the Press moment that catapulted Ralph Don’t Run to national prominence.

Poll Watch, the simple graphical story translating copious polling data to a single accurate reflection of Nader’s impact.

The Battleground State Electoral College map – showing the Nader effect where it mattered most.

The “Don’t Vote Ralph” Flash movie, proving Nader was helping re-elect George Bush.

Hundreds of thousands of Emails in multiple campaigns all year.

The Ad campaign that reached 3 million likely Nader-leaners in ten battleground states’ alternative weekly papers in the last three weeks of the campaign.

The Bottom Line: "Ralph Don’t Run" and "The Unity Campaign" helped drive Nader’s vote total from 3.5% in 2000 to less than 0.4% in 2004.

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