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An Organization Worth Supporting, A Difference Worth Voting For, and A Difference We Can Make

An Organization Worth Supporting: Greens for Kerry

As the Nader campaign threatens to help Bush unleash four more years of destruction, it is a threat to every goal and ideal of the Green Party. A growing number of Greens see the clear answer: in 2004, in swing states, vote for Kerry. Greens for Kerry reflects and supports this growing consensus.

A Difference Worth Voting For: The Environment

While Nader talks about little or no substantial difference between Kerry and Bush, the difference is dramatic on issues we care about deeply. To highlight just one example: tracks the Bush administration's specific record of environmental destruction - surely a mild preview of coming attractions if Bush is re-elected.

A Difference We Can Make

United progressive support can put Kerry over the top in the key battleground states, and give progressives a new place at the table in establishing a bolder Democratic agenda. But we don't have to wait for victory: Arianna Huffington, Joe Trippi, MoveOn and others are urging Kerry to stake out a bolder position right now. They deserve our support!

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