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Nader’s Impact Revealed
"I’ll take more votes from Bush...than from Kerry…”
- Ralph Nader

The Facts:
Read the study of all 37 polls since Nader announced. Nader is directly helping Bush, and could easily swing the election.

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Progressives of every description, we must unite Now to Beat Bush. We will organize, work, and vote for the Kerry-Edwards Ticket in every battleground state.
Here’s how we’ll do it…

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Progressives Speak
Nader calls progressives who don’t support his 2004 candidacy the “liberal intelligentsia.” This group now includes Mother Jones, Jeff Cohen, Norman Solomon, and The Nation magazine – not to mention Michael Moore, Jim Hightower, and Noam Chomsky. Some of the best in deeply principled, reasoned opposition to Nader’s 04 candidacy is below.

Jeff Cohen, "A Progressive Response to the Nader Campaign," 5/7/04

Norman Solomon, "Nader's Tin Ear," 2/23/04

The Progressive, "Nader's Wrong Turn," April 2004

Mother Jones, "Naderites No More: Many of the same progressives who found inspiration in Nader's 2000 bid see only cause for dismay in his 2004 decision," 2/25/04

The Nation,"An Open Letter to Ralph Nader," The Editors of The Nation, 1/29/04

For several weeks, Ralph Nader’s campaign website homepage featured a document called “An Open Letter to John Pearce and Kathy Cramer of” We wrote a careful reply to the letter and recently asked that, in the spirit of openness, they post it as prominently as they posted the attack on the creators of our campaign. We have had no response. So here, in their entireties, we post both the Open Letter from Nader’s site and our “Open Response.” We urge a careful reading of both letters. Read both here!

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